Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings!

The Lushers' packaging was so pretty I almost didn't open it!
Yay!!!! A few days ago I received my first and my second cookie exchange cookies in the mail!  How exciting to get something so yummy from someone so far away.  That was one of best reasons for signing up for the the great food blogger cookie swap! Check back on Monday the 12th for the link up and my recipe.

But then I did and I found this wonderful oatmeal, craisin, and white chocolate chip cookie!
Of course the main reason for signing up was for the privilege of sending out cookies of my own hoping to spread a little holiday cheer!  This is such a good idea and I love that Love and Olive Oil took the time and effort to set this wonderful exchange up. 

Amanda Robinson at Sweet Fix has the most beautiful handwriting!
I couldn't wait to open this tin and taste what was inside.

This is an amazing networking opportunity for food bloggers everywhere.  I have already found a couple of new blogs I will be checking on everyday!  It is also a chance for me to improve my skills, as a blogger and a baker.

Her "London Fog" cookies were so wonderful I had to share them with friends and family right away!
I still ended up eating four in a row with out even realizing!!


  1. Yum! I got those two packages as well as yours. Love them all!! Mind if i borrow pics of these two, as I was a slacker and didn't take any before the cookies were demolished...thanks so much!! <3 Beth

  2. @Beth
    Yay! I am glad you got them did they survive the trip?
    Why yes of course you may borrow those pics! Fun to see other Beth bakers out there.

  3. I hope you enjoyed them! Wasn't it so much fun getting & eating all those cookies?!