Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seperation Anixety or Just Plain Bad Luck

The first time I went to a movie after Aili was born she cried the entire time I was gone.  She was with her daddy and had bad gas at that time in her life.

The first time we left her at home with auntie and uncle she cried the entire 15 minutes we were gone.

The first night I went away and left her with daddy she threw up all night long (bad stomach bug which we all ended participating in).

My thoughts are to a future wedding in Hawaii where I will be going for a week by myself while she stays at home with dad.  What is going to happen then?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Routines

New year new routines.  The last few years I have refused to make resolutions.  To me resolutions are grand ideas/plans that always fail, are often negative and don't make you happy in the end.  So this year with inspiration from others I have started a new routine.  First I took The Inspired Room's five minute morning routine and made it my own. 

1. Make Bed
2. Get dressed, making sure I do it right with a bra and shoes.  Thanks to  Fly Lady and mother in law I can do this comfortably.  Jean bought me my first pair of Sketchers Shape Ups!
3. Have something warm to drink.  Not a coffee drinker but tea lately has been working for me or hot chocolate yum!
4. Empty dishwasher.
5. Empty other dishwasher.

So far these have been working for me especially since my hubby has been loading the dishwashers at night.  We have been doing this for almost a week and we have caught up on our dishes.  There were not enough dishes to even run one drawer of the dishwasher last night!!
Now I am starting the Fly Lady program with my sisters.  She is all about the baby steps.  Today I shined my sink and I will be doing the 27 Fling Boogie later.  But my favorite thing about her is her mantras "You are never behind you are just starting out" and "Your house didn't get dirty in a day so don't expect it to be clean in one".  With my sisters and a little help from Fly Lady I am hoping that my house will become my home and I will never again have to frantically clean when company is coming over. 

Now this is all for inside the house check out the new blog for outside Sister Seedlings.