Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am giving up Clutter for Lent

No I am not Catholic or any religion that actual observes Lent.  I just like the idea of giving something up to renew your life.  My general plan is to try for 40 bags of clutter/trash/junk out of my house.  I got this idea from Clover Lane (love her ideas and her encouragement for the week posts).  Not only am I getting rid of clutter but going to attempt to fix the problem that created clutter in the first place.  To do this I will buy shelves, place bins, and beautify the spaces.

Now to the first space.  Kinda of a weird one but as my husband put it he was tired of having to put on shoes to go do laundry.  Our laundry room is build into the garage and is very much a little narrow hallway of a room.

Everything cleaned out and my darling husband scrubbing the floor.

As  you can see the floor is very ugly and stained and very unappealing.  And this is after we he cleaned everything out!

This the sink which was full of "things" to be washed.  And those are the cupboards that you hit your head on if you try to use the sink.  My plan is to remove them to the garage, put up shelves that will take up less space and leave the room feeling more open.

Here is a picture of everything that was shoved into the room.

Yes that is a bag full of garbage (#1 of the 40) and the two laundry soap containers are empty I was saving them for the time I would make my own soap......
The pile of clothes are half clean and half dirty (now mostly clean because I can move in the room again!)

On the floor we decide to use the same peel and stick tile that we used in our hallway bathroom. And the change is amazing!

Now I feel the need to fix and paint the walls. And can't wait to move the cupboards out but that is all for another day.

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3rd-Winter or Spring?

This afternoon we spent a half hour in the garden digging in the dirt and cleaning up one of four raised beds.  After which I came inside and opened all of my windows!  This is crazy people! I live in Oregon in the Willamette Valley (last week with snow and flooding!). 

Not that I am complaining especially the part of me that wilts with the sun goes behind the clouds!

And look at the progress we made!  Aili and I were really happy to find lots of worms working to make the soil great for spring planting.  It feels like that is just around the corner!