Thursday, June 26, 2014


Gray morning clouds my second day walking
Today I got up and went!  Today is just over halfway to making it a habit. Today my brain got me going, yesterday it was my body.  One of these mornings I am sure it will be the dog making sure I don’t slack off.  I have been walking every morning for eleven days!  I even made it through the dreaded first weekend!
And the next day I needed sunglasses!
I am using the app Map My Walk and it sent me a summery a couple days ago.  It was really amazing to see the progress.  My pace per a mile has decreased by about a minute and my body has started to change shape. 

All this is great and makes me feel good but the benefit that has made me the happiest is that I have now have more hours in the day!
My third harvest of baby radishes.  I prefer them this way when I have them for breakfast.

It has given me time to be fully awake when my daughter wakes up.  It has given me time to have breakfast and do the first load of dishes for the day. It has given me time to work in the yard and garden.  I have radishes and eggs from my own yard for breakfast.  I have time to write!  And to read.  And to dream.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Back to Me

I have been thinking a lot lately about the healthier times in my life.  Years ago (years it can’t be years!) I was playing football and I loved it! Then I decided to be a mom and put that on hold and the team moved out of town.  While I was pregnant I walked with the dog nearly every day.  It was great for the dog and great for me.  The latest was my jump into Crossfit.  I love it!  It was amazing! The support, the sweat, the pushing past the mental blocks.  It was the best workout I have ever had and the people were amazing.  Then my box (gym) fell apart.  It was one big mess and it was miserable.  So fast forward a year and a half and I have let myself go.  And I am not talking about weight I am talking about muscle and strength and stress relief. 

So I have been trying to get outside.  I have been working in the yard.  And it has been great!  But not quite enough.  I looked into Crossfit again but at this point I cannot justify the $100 a month!  So I jumped back to the last time I was consistently moving.  Back when I was pregnant and being healthy was a whole lot easier because it was not just for myself.  I was walking every day.  The dog was happy!  I was happy (gotta love that vit D).  And I lost over 15lbs while pregnant!  

So I decided I needed to change my brain a bit. It was easier when it was for two not just me but I am realizing that I am do need to be healthy for my whole family. My husband, my daughter, my dog, and most of all me.  I am not doing this to lose weight.  Whenever I think about losing or try to lose I always gain.  I have realized I need to focus on being strong and liking what my body can do. I like being the woman that can lift the furniture that move that load of brick.  I especially love being that mom that can get in and really play with her kids, I mean really make of fool of myself playing!

So today I started on the new journey to make myself happy.  I got up early (ugh) and took the dang dog for a walk!  Just her and me!  I will be working on no excuses and no giving up.  And the weather decided to test me yay rain for my garden!  I did it.  It was a start of one mile and twenty minutes but what matters is I was out there and I will continue to push to make my body work for me.