Thursday, June 26, 2014


Gray morning clouds my second day walking
Today I got up and went!  Today is just over halfway to making it a habit. Today my brain got me going, yesterday it was my body.  One of these mornings I am sure it will be the dog making sure I don’t slack off.  I have been walking every morning for eleven days!  I even made it through the dreaded first weekend!
And the next day I needed sunglasses!
I am using the app Map My Walk and it sent me a summery a couple days ago.  It was really amazing to see the progress.  My pace per a mile has decreased by about a minute and my body has started to change shape. 

All this is great and makes me feel good but the benefit that has made me the happiest is that I have now have more hours in the day!
My third harvest of baby radishes.  I prefer them this way when I have them for breakfast.

It has given me time to be fully awake when my daughter wakes up.  It has given me time to have breakfast and do the first load of dishes for the day. It has given me time to work in the yard and garden.  I have radishes and eggs from my own yard for breakfast.  I have time to write!  And to read.  And to dream.


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