Monday, June 16, 2014

Back to Me

I have been thinking a lot lately about the healthier times in my life.  Years ago (years it can’t be years!) I was playing football and I loved it! Then I decided to be a mom and put that on hold and the team moved out of town.  While I was pregnant I walked with the dog nearly every day.  It was great for the dog and great for me.  The latest was my jump into Crossfit.  I love it!  It was amazing! The support, the sweat, the pushing past the mental blocks.  It was the best workout I have ever had and the people were amazing.  Then my box (gym) fell apart.  It was one big mess and it was miserable.  So fast forward a year and a half and I have let myself go.  And I am not talking about weight I am talking about muscle and strength and stress relief. 

So I have been trying to get outside.  I have been working in the yard.  And it has been great!  But not quite enough.  I looked into Crossfit again but at this point I cannot justify the $100 a month!  So I jumped back to the last time I was consistently moving.  Back when I was pregnant and being healthy was a whole lot easier because it was not just for myself.  I was walking every day.  The dog was happy!  I was happy (gotta love that vit D).  And I lost over 15lbs while pregnant!  

So I decided I needed to change my brain a bit. It was easier when it was for two not just me but I am realizing that I am do need to be healthy for my whole family. My husband, my daughter, my dog, and most of all me.  I am not doing this to lose weight.  Whenever I think about losing or try to lose I always gain.  I have realized I need to focus on being strong and liking what my body can do. I like being the woman that can lift the furniture that move that load of brick.  I especially love being that mom that can get in and really play with her kids, I mean really make of fool of myself playing!

So today I started on the new journey to make myself happy.  I got up early (ugh) and took the dang dog for a walk!  Just her and me!  I will be working on no excuses and no giving up.  And the weather decided to test me yay rain for my garden!  I did it.  It was a start of one mile and twenty minutes but what matters is I was out there and I will continue to push to make my body work for me.


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