Monday, October 28, 2013

My Biker Babe!

Biker Face!
   So she comes running in wearing the enamel bowl we use for chili while camping telling me to come look at her riding her motorcycle.  I tell her I love it and I do!  I love her imagination and her resourcefulness.  She amazes me everyday.  She makes me smile, laugh and feel like a kid again.  It is amazing how fast you can go from that to being a very scared parent.  As you might notice the bowl has a handle that is also metal.  Not too long after this picture was taking she decided to sit up to the table and color.  No biggie does it all the time.  I am in the kitchen cleaning!! Yay for clean dishes!  Also talking to my sister to help me through the cleaning. Yay for sisters!  
   When clang! Screaming child....screaming child and freaking out child.  She had fallen off the side of the chair and hit the bowl on the step up into the next room. The impact dented the bowl just enough that the handle was pulled out and tight against her neck.  Enter me---- dropping the phone trying to stay calm while I try to calm her and figure out how I get the thing off (while in my frantic mind wondering how much air she has, where the bolt cutters are and how long an ambulance will take to get here)! Next is getting her to relax and close her mouth while pushing the handle in and off!  Holy smokes! 
   No permanent damage no temporary either.  And she only continued to cry because I wouldn't let her put the bowl back on her head!  It doesn't actually fit anymore.....good?  And off she ran to next adventure while mom tells herself she did not have a heart attack.
This is my helmet and my motorcycle Mom!


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