Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We got your 6 Cody Patterson!

This last Sunday I witnessed something amazing please read about it below.

Today I witnessed an amazing gathering of people.   Thousands of people who gathered together with one goal in mind: protect the peace so that a well deserving family could celebrate the life of a loved one.   Their young man gave his life doing his duty.   And they got a peaceful supported memorial for their son because thousands (thousands!!!) of people showed up.   That is it all they had to do was show up!  They stood proud, strong and united.   People who did not know Cody.  People who drove for hours to stand for hours.   People who do not support the war.   People with their own lives and families and obligations gave their time so that this family could have theirs unmarred by the threats of others.   And it worked.   It worked so well that most of us have no idea if the dealers of threat and hate even showed up.   It was such a sight to see I feel inadequate to describe it.   I just know that on this day love and peace won over hatred.


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