Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go Pack Go! (*a bookmark buster)

*Bookmark buster is a series in which I will try to tackle all the patterns, recipes, crafts and decorations in my book marks!
We are going camping this weekend! that summer is over oh well.  We are headed to John Day, OR for my family's annual hunting trip.  This is a trip I made with my family from infant to preteen.  At the age 13 or so I decided I was too cool to miss school.  Now I am trying to show my daughter what is is like to go.  The biggest thing I missed was all the family that gathers there just to hang out.  My dad's aunts and uncles and their offspring, many of which that have their own little ones now.  I am hoping to get some great pictures of camp life and will share them with you next week when I get back.

But for now I want to share with you the great fleece pants I am making for her so she will be toasty warm when the sun goes down.
I used the pattern and tutorial from Make it and Love it. Super tute!  So easy to follow and just look at the results!

She calls them her football (pants).
Can you tell which team Daddy loves?


  1. If i tried to do all my bookmarks............ well.................. it's just not possible. But I think when we get into a good routine that it could be an awesome goal. Yay you! YAY AILI! Tell her tia loves her!

  2. Love it!!
    They look super comfy and perfect for this cool autumn weather.
    Hope you guys have a killer trip!!
    Will you be at knitting on Monday?? Lookin forward to seeing you again.
    Take care~!