Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Raging Hormones

 that turn perfectly sane women into crazy ladies once a month, otherwise known as PMS. Recently I was reading an article in Parents magazine that broke down the month into four weeks for a woman. I thought it was very tactful the way it suggested that you shouldn't address any issues bothering you during your third week as you might blow things out of proportion. Any woman in her "third" week will tell you to shut up, get out of the way and don't look at me funny this week. Husbands you should know to listen the first time and supply lots of chocolate. Do not attempt to finish a project of any kind. Do not invite people over for dinner when the house is not clean. And never never ever take anything that is said this week personally. It would be really helpful to if you would take care of the kids so your woman can take a bath or read a book. While this is happening never interrupt to ask questions and heaven forbid do you let any of the kids in the bathroom, that is if you want to live to see the next day.

Ok all kidding aside (haha if you think I am joking you must not have a woman in your life). Ladies how do you get through the raging, want to kick, scream, cry, and poke someone's eyes out hormones this time of the month? Let me know cause honey I am having trouble…..


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  2. My "third week" comes with a bout of amnesia, so I am never really consistent. I am in the mind that to be happy, you start from the ground up. From the basics like water, sleep, food, and rest then onto other more mental and emotional needs. I find my mental and emotional needs are exacerbated by being tired, over-stimulated, and dehydrated.

    I actually have to have dark... I'm a lot like Grendel from Beowolf. I will come destroy your village if you are too loud.

    That village just happens to have my husband in it. He should have known better- I usually say. I think even he is understanding of my crazy-haired angry state of hot mess, even as I rip him limb to limb. People are understanding about "third weeks" so go easy on yourself and get rest. Hard with a baby- but you and I both know that at 3am, we know we should be asleep and not reading. ;) Time alone with a book is priceless.

    Also, husbands SHOULD listen, but they have amnesia too so they rarely do what they should. Feed me a healthy meal and send me to bed. Or I WILL poke peoples' eyes out! It is really easy to make me happy, listen to my requests no matter how silly or stupid or weird they are. The amnesia sets in and he wonders what the hell is wrong with me when I ask for just carrots for dinner. I'm so tired I'm one minute away from saying "I'm too tired to eat. Let's just say we did and not." Give me carrots and leave me be.