Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Piddle

So as a nursing mother I have learned to do many things while the little one gets a meal. The most common thing is diaper changes in the middle of the night. Couple of nights ago I was nursing and changing the little girl, still in the old nursery (still haven't moved the couch and diapers in the new nursery). Things were going fine when I noticed that she had paused mid drink. It did not take long to figure out why she stopped as the warm wetness trickled down my leg. Ok more like gushed! Where did it all come from? Her diaper had been full before I started changing it. I started to clean up the mess, getting new jammies and making sure she didn't get the clean diaper too wet when I felt a new trickle start. Lordy and I worry about her being dehydrated sometimes. We were so wet I had to take off my shorts so that they didn't re-soak her clean clothes. In the future I will try to change her more quickly or maybe I will actually use one of those lappads that my mom bought me as a…..Lappad. Novel idea. Too bad at 3 am you really aren't thinking that much.

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