Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yarn (or my other addiction)

While running around to every single store in town that has yarn (there are 4) I discovered a few things about myself and my stash and my yarn stores. BTW I was looking for enough yarn to make this for a friend.

  1. The local yarn shop is not fully stocked in the middle of summer and only has dark and light but no medium grays.
  2. You get what you pay for also applies to circular needles, I chose the >$6 pair and they are already catching on one side. 
  3. Even annoying catching circular needles are faster than double pointed needles.
  4. Just when you think their can't be anything new in yarn you find this on  the shelf.  That is right scented yarn!! It comes in 7 scents.  I actually carried the lavender one around with me while I looked at everything else.  But I couldn't bring myself to buy it when I could just put lavender in with my yarn at home.
  5. Yarns I bought several years ago might not be made out of wool like I remembered them being....
  6. Sometimes good things come to those who wait...I found the medium gray I was looking for at the last store on sale for $2 less than all the other stores.
  7. I can get myself into trouble just looking at yarn.  Oh the ideas in my head.
So do you have a great yarn shop in you home town?  And would you buy vanilla or lavender scented yarn?


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