Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toddlerhood with a Gemini

Day started with my girl cuddling in bed with me, peering into my face to see if I was awake. 
Getting tucked in with blankies and nose kisses. Then hiding under the covers from the ghosts..lots of them. Then we got up and momma got dressed and then it was Aili's turn. And the biggest meltdown in the world happened because I took her jammies off! Twenty minutes later with a cat, chocolate milk and tv for distraction it finally ended.

So I guess I need to figure out a better morning you think that will work?


  1. Adorable story!!
    Ella's been so tempermental about her PJs too - how odd! But she's an Aries~
    And I love the choco milk distraction -- works every time!! ;)

  2. @Chrissy
    I think the jammies thing is a 2 year old thing from the sounds of the other moms talking.