Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good and Tasty Tuesday: Not so good

So for dinner tonight our main course was ice cream.  Just one of those days.  It happens and I try not to feel to guilty.  Aili got peanut butter and jelly so that is a step up...on white bread so a small step back down.  There were carrots on her plate and I am pretty sure she didn't touch them.  Any way I hope everyone else had a healthier Tuesday than we did!
I will leave you with my favorite recipe for Homemade Graham crackers and Goldfish crackers.  I love both of these recipes and the blog they came from Savory Seasonings.
I made the the goldfish with a sharp cheddar and it was amazing.  The grahams I have made several times and the first 3 times I forgot an ingredient each time and they still turned out wonderful.  The first time I left out the baking soda so they were a crisper cracker which went perfectly with the homemade marshmallows for smores. The second time I left out the salt which did not affect the end result.  And the third I forgot the sugar so it was subtle sweet wheaty cracker.  When I finally got my brain together made it with all the ingredients it quickly became a favorite of all in the house.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the homemade graham crackers and goldfish crackers!! Both seem like recipes I could actually handle!

    Visiting from the Good & Tasty hop.

    Smile and Mama With Me